All of our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards, and we have obtained certifications such as FSC, GMP Cosmetic,BSCI ,ISO22716, EPA and FDA etc.
QIMEI hold 3 mills of wet wipes and dry wipes
We output 300 40' HQ containers per Month
We support all orders fast delivery time 20-30 days
All products approved ISO9001 and ISO13485

Our Production Line

Professional private label wet wipes manufacturing and OEM service

  • We produce all types of wet wipes based on customers' requirement.
  • Spunlace nonwoven fabric customized: Viscose/Polyester/Bamboo/Flushable
  • Formula Customized: We have our own laboratory to develop all types of function wet wipes
  • Packing Material Customized: We can make all types of packing materials of wet wipes
  • We made the wipes from 1 piece/pack to 160pcs/pack, of cause we make more such as Canister

Customization and Flexibility

Different fragrances, Spunlace Nonwoven, Packaging designs, products variations tailored to your target market.

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